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Description of SocialCamp: Facebook & Twitter

NEW APP! SocialCamp is the best way to manage multiple Facebook and Twitter social profiles and Pages on the go: all your social media in one app! Facebook and Twitter together:

* View news feeds for all your profiles in one place *

Merge news feeds for multiple Facebook profiles and Pages, and for all your Twitter accounts, into one - to view all your accounts in one place.

Use left and right swipes to view each account separately.

* Quick posting *

Post on all your Facebook & Twitter accounts with one click. Retweet to Facebook, repost from Facebook to Twitter, and quickly retweet and repost between multiple different accounts.

* Scheduled posting *

Schedule tweets! Schedule & buffer tweets and posts for later to be published at any time you want. Never pay monthly subscription fee for scheduling tweets & posts like you did before in other apps.

* Stream for hot trending posts *

SocialСamp will monitor posts from all the friends and sources you follow to find the most hot & viral posts for the latest 1, 3, 6, or 12 hours. You can add your comment and reshare immediately, or schedule for later. This feature allows you to deliver great content to your followers quickly and hassle-free.

* Analyze how to engage your followers *

With Facebook & Twitter analytics feature that shows which kind of your posts became trending, you’ll always know what kind of content and when it is better to post, and what works better to create a hot post that truly engages your followers.

* Safe, secure, decentralized *

Unlike other social media management platforms, SocialCamp doesn't use any third-party servers. SocialCamp turns your Android device into a social media management platform itself - this means all data is processed and stored on your device only, directly from/to Facebook and Twitter servers.

---Use with tons of other social apps---

Choose "SocialCamp" using Android's Share menu to send or schedule a post to all or any of your Facebook and Twitter social profiles (as well as Facebook pages) from any social app.

-> UberSocial (easily retweet to Facebook and Twitter).

Zite, Taptu, TweetDeck

-> Other third-party apps, such as UberSocial, Seesmic, Twitdroyd, Hootsuite, Zite, Buffer, Taptu, TweetDeck.

Also, SocialCamp is a great replacement alternative to such apps as Seesmic, Twitdroyd, Tweetdeck, Buffer app, Hootsuite, Scope Beta (SocialScope).

You'll like a subscription-free model if you previously used Buffer or Hootsuite.

If you'd like to manage Facebook business pages or more than two accounts, plus unlimited scheduling, you'll need a one time in-app purchase. Otherwise all features are free, no ads, no subscription.

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